A Complicated Man

Designer & Producer

A Complicated Man

by big mammal

Written by Emma Henry and Evan Silver

Directed by Evan Silver

Bedlam Fringe - Edinburgh Fringe - August 2019

How many years does it take to unspool a man?

An odd king sails the waves of the wine dark sea in a bathtub.


Featuring water and wigs, big mammal reimagines The Odyssey as a queer epic of becoming. This new work by Emma Henry and Evan Silver refigures the Homeric text to explore the fluidity of gender and the multiplicity of identity.

big mammal is a fledgling devising organism creating multidisciplinary theatrical experiences about the creature-ness of being human and our place in the family of things. We hunt canonical texts, the natural world, the weather, dreams and each other for clues, questions, and magic.

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Press & Reviews

"A Complicated Man sizzles with depth and meaning"
"The exploration of gender is complex and rich, with the inner-world of a man’s suffering and aggression laid out, but with the understanding that so too has everyone suffered." - The F Word

"Identity is a central theme, in particular notions of queerness and gender fluidity. Emma Henry is a commanding presence, using wigs and costumes to transform themselves into Odysseus, the creatures he meets on his journey, and even Homer himself." - Lothian Life

"A mesmerising performance by Emma Henry - you simply cannot take your eyes off them- about journeys and identities. Brilliantly scripted and directed by Evan Silver in a sparse and atmospheric set and production by Nic Farr. Only on for a few days - go and see it whilst you can!" - EdFringe