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bodies, of water




Co-creator, performer

by Theatre for Pigeons
Supported by the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
IKLECTIK - August 2018
CLF Art Cafe - September 2018

How do we recover the river? 'bodies, of water' is a kaleidoscopic quest to re-animate a lost life force by sifting through the ripples left behind.

Theatre for Pigeons is a flock of interdisciplinary artists devising hybrid theatre works on telephone wires in your backyard. They aim to break down the boundaries of theatrical convention toward innovative, intercultural forms. They celebrate the mundane, the uncanny, and the surreal, wandering in the liminal spaces between architectures and ecologies.

Theatre for Pigeons' work is marked by a bridging of the gaps between performance art and theatre; fusing multimedia, projection and live music with physical performance and storytelling. Their work 'bodies, of water' leads its audience on a quest to recover a river that has been lost to human experience. Exploring the tangled pattern of creation - consumption - destruction that follows the human species, 'bodies, of water' moves through a series of attempts to bring the river into the theatre space. Memories of past experiences, collected objects which have floated downstream, light reflected through water, a lifeforce slowly being consumed by plastic - how can we revive something that has long been polluted and lost? 'bodies, of water' is an experimental and unconventional attempt to confront the loss of something through our own actions and the attempts to reclaim it through art.

Review: "Aesthetically and aurally the piece stands out as exceptional"

(Photographs by Sherry Huang)

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