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Co-creator, Performer, Scenographer, Lighting Designer

by Theatre for Pigeons
Royal Central School of Speech and Drama - March 2018

When we first encounter death, we must learn to make sense of absence. If our loved ones are no longer present in human form, where have they gone? Edgelands explores the liminal spaces between life and death, the human and the animal, the mundane and the mythological. As we unravel the mysteries of our own mortality and peer into the empty space beyond, we spin stories that transcend the bounds of ordinary life. When death turns our world inside-out, we must undergo a mythic transformation in order to survive. We hope to emerge from the edgelands anew (and relatively unscathed), leaving behind only a trail of dead pigeons – not to mention feathers, breadcrumbs, and rags – in our wake.

Theatre for Pigeons is a flock of interdisciplinary artists devising hybrid theatre works on telephone wires in your backyard. They aim to break down the boundaries of theatrical convention toward innovative, intercultural forms. They celebrate the mundane, the uncanny, and the surreal, wandering in the liminal spaces between architectures and ecologies.

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