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Find Me, Fool





By Tenderize Theatre

In a world where we are questioning if we are too queer, or if we are queer enough; where we only see ourselves represented as pure glamour or utter tragedy - come to our place for a cuppa, come join us for a dance, and get lost in a home where we are the Lovers and the Devil, the Sun and the Moon, where we are the World – complete, connected, celebrated.

FIND ME, FOOL is a site-specific journey through a home: a home of queer folk, a home of chosen family, a home watched over by the figures of the tarot. Enter a world where the tarot deck comes to life in daily queer experience - where the Lovers look over first touches of new romance; where Death is called as a prom dress is laid to rest; where the devastation of the Tower glares over family dinners that we scream through together; and where The Star shines from within as we wash away our doubts in the bath.

FIND ME, FOOL has been created by the ensemble, using movement, poetry, verbatim text and imagery. Like the tarot deck, it is an experience of symbols, emotions and reflections - each room is a glimpse into a life, with the journey from place to place echoing our journeys of self discovery.

Director: Sarah April Lamb (she/her)
Producer: Claude Graham (she/her)
Designer: Nic Farr (they/them)
Sound designer: ILĀ (she/they)
Assistant director/ movement coach: Cornelia Burman (she/they)
Movement Placement: Mariana Camiloti (she/her
Sian Foster (they/them)
Maddie Haynes (she/they)
Riss Obolensky (they/them)
Finn Pelling (she/they)
Priiya Prethora (they/them)
Jasmine Shigemura Lee (she/her)
Dramaturgical support: Sarah Lapinsky (she/her)

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